12.19.21 BCB News: Season 2 of “Ballistik Coffee Boy,” my vintage gaming channel on YouTube, begins Jan 3rd !

Great news šŸ˜‰ Beginning January 3rd, the new 2nd season of “Ballistik Coffee Boy” will be produced by moi šŸ˜‰ I’ve made a small, cute 1-minute trailer with this info that you can also find here.

New trailer available on my YouTube page!

So what’s new in Season 2? I made some changes here and there, and I’m excited to share those with you. I’ll go into detail on the Jan 7th episode of BCB entitled, “New Season.” Some of those changes include: which systems or consoles I plan to cover in the new year, including the ‘Evercade VS.’ vintage gaming home console by Blaze Entertainment, and the temporary pause of one series and the start of another, which I’m very proud of thus far (you may have already seen the premiere episode of ‘Storytime’, if not click here.) It’s a series where I highlight my poetry, novels and journals, and read them for you. It’s the perfect time to make a cup of coffee, take a seat and relax while I tell you a little life story or two. Some of those episodes I have rated 18+ or Mature Only because of suggestive language and/or indecent remarks, as they pertain to the characters within the novel. The first novel I’m tackling is ‘Sweet Pea,’ a semi-autobiographical story about a little boy named Bradley and his life in the 80’s in Texas, what he goes through later as a gay teen, and how he maneuvers other obstacles in his life. I’m excited to share that with you, so please check it out if you’re interested in my creative side.

On the non-literary side, I’m continuing on with my main series, of course, which is shaping up to be very interesting with the onset of season 2 and what I plan to cover. I’m extremely excited about two of the announcements I make in the first BCB episode of the new year, so check it out. As far as cosmetic changes, I’ve made enhancements to the audio with my new JBL mic, and I’ve changed the intro, too, to make it a bit shorter, adding more to the end credits where needed to get the same info across. In ‘New Season,’ which premieres on Jan 7th, I go into detail about needing or wanting suggestions on which consoles, games or vintage systems to cover, so please drop me a line here at my gmail address if you’d rather just do that now or watch for that episode when it premieres. I’ll have it posted as a premiere soon on my YouTube page and you can easily set a reminder to watch it when it becomes available.

Have a great holiday season, and a happy and loving end to December! Be safe, jolly & healthy~!


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