12.25.21 My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish this year is for the world to continually strive to be a better place. My wish is for people to get along, regardless of their political or religious beliefs (or otherwise). My wish is for everything to stop being so political, life’s too short. My wish is for everyone to get their covid shots and their boosters and stop f-ing around. My wish is for people to reach out to their neighbors, and others who may not have a ‘bubble’ to cling to in these dark times. My wish is for all the single folks, like myself, to find love in the new year and be totally consumed and changed by it, for the better. My wish is for kids without homes to find family in some place and find homes as quickly and safe as they can. My wish is for people to be nicer in the streets, stop speeding so damn much, and be kind and courteous and respectful; respect doesn’t have to be earned, it can be given immediately for free. My wish is for the world to get along and be nicer to one another, for resources to be shared and for climate change to be a desire shared by all – regardless of beliefs. My wish for this year is for gays and lesbians to get closer to having the same rights as everyone else, regardless of the hate in the world. My wish for this year is for Blacks to find justice for the many injustices inflicted upon them by society. My wish is for all those who are disenfranchised to find a little light and love where there previously was none. My wish is for families to get along, for those connections to be re-forged if they weren’t all along. My wish is for we the people to realize, life’s too short – make amends and make up with those in your life if you can and move on; it’s not for them, but for you. Truly. My wish is for us to wake up one day and the world is a kinder and more loving place each day when we wake up. So yeah. That’s my Christmas Wish…

I wish you and your family a happy holiday & happy new year! Let’s make right now *and* 2022 great!

Be more loving. That’s a good start for us all!

And remember. Family. And true unconditional love. That’s the true meaning of Christmas.

11:22 pm 12/25/21


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