12.30.21 The Blinking Twilights (Poetry, 2020)

Remember when 2021 held such promise? After an extremely bleak 2020 filled with deaths of loved ones and mass confusion the world over, 2021 seemed like a shining diamond on the parched horizons. Did 2021 live up to my expectations? No. Nothing does. With the global pandemic still burning, it’s been yet another rough year for many. (But I’m at least glad I got to see my family so much over this past year, and that is something to hold on to.) Read this poem from a year ago and reflect. What was your favorite part of 2021? (And please don’t say ‘because it’s over!’) Have a great Happy New Year’s weekend! “The Blinking Twilights” appeared in my poetry book for Oct-Dec 2020, ‘Notes from Oblivion, Pt. 2.’

“The Blinking Twilights” by Brian Bolding

Somewhere over the mountains

In the distance, behind layers of snow

And pine trees and drizzle

There is a sun that’s rising

And giving us such strength

Hope love and joy

A new dawn, a new day

The blinking twilights

Suddenly falling away

To a new day, a new idea

A new vision of something true

Something elegant, dripped in gold

Something to hold on to.

2021, we’re ready for you.

12.31.20 1247 pm thu bb.

Bokeh Photo was taken at ABQ Int’l Balloon Fiesta, Morning Glow / Oct 8 2017

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