01.09.22 Dark Endless Gray Winter Afternoons (Poetry)

One of the things I love most about Winter are the dark, gray afternoons that tend to go on forever. I’ve been cherishing them this year especially. This poem, aptly titled, “Dark Endless Gray Winter Afternoons,” appeared in my poetry book for Jan-Mar 2022, ‘New Season.’ Snuggle up with your java & enjoy! -BB

“Dark Endless Gray Winter Afternoons” by Brian Bolding

Sitting at the summit of yet another year

The start of something new, the death of

What I once knew, seems bewildering to me

That we just let it all go completely

Sitting at the feet of giant puffy things

Dotted around the skyline like frozen

Buffalo with wings, making my day

Feel like something fresh and new

If they only knew

Dark endless gray winter afternoons

Slipping into my mind, those somber

Days full of inner happiness and a warm cup

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Because on days like that I am reminded

That the old moody tumultuous me hasn’t died.

1.6.22 1125 pm thu bb.

Photo from freeimages.com

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