10.13.22 Sorry for the delayed posts. (Site News)

Site news: So sorry for the delayed posts! Just been busy with grad school and work, which both take up about 65 hours per week of my time. This means something had to go. I can still do my YouTube videos that I do each week but can’t ALSO update my website. Therefore, I’ve made a change to how my site works. I’ll ocassionally post about a video here and there that I produce on my YouTube channel, Ballistik Coffee Boy, but won’t post about EVERY single video. There just isn’t enough time in my week and not enough people are clicking on those and actually visiting those links. I’ll fill my posts from now on with poetry, tech reviews, some YouTube page updates and journals, as I have done for years. Enjoy the change, thanks for visiting my page, and once my schedule settles down in June 2023 (when I graduate and my internship ends) I’ll consider posting more then.

Have a great week! Please visit my YouTube page below and subscribe, like & support when possible.


Thank you..


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