10.23.22 [YouTube Update] Unbox’d Round Up! Episodes #24-27: “The Last Stand,” “Filling in the Blanks,” “Why Did The Chicken Boi Cross The Road?” & “Lego My Eggo, Atari 2600 Style”

Since we last left off with “UNBOX’D,” I’ve published 4 new episodes to my #YouTube #VintageGaming & Retro #Unboxing channel! From a super mega huge hour and a half Summer finale episode featuring Rayman for the Atari Jaguar, to Summer unboxings I’d saved, to $13 NES Rom tiny handhelds from overaseas, to the Atari 2600 Lego Set! Lots of goodness to unbox for sure! See below for details, and remember… every box was made to be opened 😉



UNBOX’D #24 – “The Last Stand” – Summer Finale! (Hyper X Quadcast S, Retro HQ Lynx Drive + Rayman!)

July 13, 2022

In this unnecessarily (I’m sorry! Not Sorry!) long ‘double-wide summer special!,’ I unbox several weeks’ worth of summer goodness (yes! you heard that right!) From the Hyper X Quadcast S microphone, to clothing, vintage board games, delayed Evercade carts from the UK, vintage video games, random clearance CD’s, action figures, other random crap & the icing on the cake… the Retro HQ Game Drive for my Atari Lynx, and Rayman for the Jag! Also: an old foe returns to seek revenge! Can he be stopped?! Don’t miss the only unboxing show with a full-on intermission, a homicidal sociopathic 90’s English Ken doll, a 47-year-old gamer with an 8-bit addiction, and nonstop unboxing action! (Good grief!! Even Taylor Swift makes a brief appearance!) We threw everything in, including the kitchen sink! Well, almost. See you in the late Fall when UNBOX’D will return! (In its usual 30-minute format! We hope we didn’t scare you off! If we did, look on the bright side, there’s always stupid YouTube cat videos! :))

UNBOX’D #25 – “Filling in the Blanks” (RetroHQ Atari Jaguar Game Drive, Evercade Games & Portfolio!)

Sep 21, 2022

On this new episode of UNBOX’D, I’ve returned from my Summer slumber & am here to bring you a slew of cool new unboxings! These include: RetroHQ Atari Jaguar Game Drive, Evercade Games, Atari Jaguar games, Switch Games & the Atari Portfolio – the world’s first palmtop PDA! Plus more! Come dig along with my crazy self into the unboxing goodness & enjoy!

UNBOX’D #26 – “Why Did The Chicken Boi Cross the Road?” (Chicken Boi, Thrift Finds, CD’s, DVDs, Etc)

Oct 5, 2022

On this episode of UNBOX’D, I divulge the last few months’ worth of thrift store finds since I’ve been away, including the Chicken Boi unboxing which I showed on my main channel previously. Why exactly did the Chicken Boi cross the road? Also: 80’s Pac Man toys, geeky Sci-Fi TV stuff, thrift store finds, including CD’s, DVD,’s BluRays, NES games & much more! (Plus something called the Simon Optix you wear on your head? Oh no!! There’s also a hint in one of the videos off to my right of what’s coming next episode!) Don’t miss it!

UNBOX’D #27: “Lego My Eggo, Atari 2600 Style” (Lego Atari 2600 Set, Thrift Store Finds & Magazines)

Oct 19, 2022

On this episode of UNBOX’D, I take the wraps off of an Atari 2600 collectible treasure! I also show off some thrit store finds over the Summer that I’ve been saving, a look at my current magazine subscriptions, including game-related ones, some super retro 90’s cassette tapes, a few retro VHS movies I came across, and the last random bits I saved over the Summer for you. Stay tuned…

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