01.27.23 BCB #91: ‘Atari Force’ Comics! (Overview, History & Reading) Plus: BCB Simon Optix Challenge! (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! …this time on BCB, I discuss the #AtariForce #comics, which were produced from 1982-1986. The first 5 mini comics came in #Atari 2600 cartridges, the others were a regular #DC comic series. Mission Commander Martin Champion meets up with Doctor Orion & Lydia Perez to find New Earth in their ship, Scanner One. This episode, I read Atari Force #1 to you (with bad accents & such on full display.) Plus: the BCB #SimonOptix Challenge is here! Can I find the items in under a minute wearing this annoying flashy helmet thing? Tune in to find out! #gaming


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