03.08.23 Atari Publisher Spotlight V1: “The Myth of Mythicon” (1983 Publisher of Budget Atari 2600 Games) (YouTube)

On this first #Atari Newsline Publisher Spotlight (NOW in 4K), I take a look at #Mythicon, a very small budget Atari 2600 game publisher that made some waves when it began selling games for $9.95 on cardboard displays at grocery stores across America. Then, the crash happened. Was Mythicon responsible for the #videogame crash of 1983? And if not, did they steal from other games? Is there any kind of legacy that Mythicon (and publishers of games like it) left behind? Games discussed include: “Fire Fly,” “Sorcerer” & “Star Fox” for the Atari 2600, developed by Bruce de Graff & published by Mythicon in 1983. This video includes opinions and discussions from widely available and free social media outlets and message boards which are not necessarily my own. Public discretion advised.


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