03.24.23 No Filter HD #16: “Tailgunner” (2021) by Grizzly Machine on the Atari VCS! (YouTube)

On this episode of No Filter HD, I play #Tailgunner on the #AtariVCS! This game was released back in 2021 by #GrizzlyMachine & I just now bought it to play it here. This is a simple game where youre shooting down enemy #planes while piloting as tailgunner. I play the #game, you be the judge! Is it worth purchasing? Description: “Inspired by the iconic arcade classic of the same name, Tailgunner tests your aerial combat skills, featuring 10 modes! Do you have what it takes to avoid the watery grave?! Rack up high scores to become the most notorious gunner of all-time! Fully optimized for use with the Atari VCS Wireless Classic Joystick” #Atari


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