05.19.23 BCB #106: “Mini-LCD Handheld Game Party 2023!” (Feat: Tiger Electronics! w/ 8-Bit Bubba!)

On this episode, 8-Bit Bubba takes the reigns again & while I’m out of town, is tasked with going over all of our #TigerElectronics merch we’ve accumulated for super cheap here & there! This is our “Mini-#LCD #Handheld #Game #Party 2023!” And here’s the BEST part! We saved it all for YOU, boxes, bad tasteless jokes & all! #8BitBubba unboxes everything from #NameThatTune to the #FingerJamz to the #Beepers to the #XMen #Tiger #Handheld, plus much more! (So much more, if we told you, we’d have to kill you!) There are also tons of cool #vintage #Tiger #commercials for you to oogle over. So pour yourself a cup of ambition… let’s get this party started! Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoyed this content. Thanks for watching! 8BB


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