1.30.20 Each Man for Himself (Into The Great White Fizz). (Poem)

"Each Man for Himself (Into The Great White Fizz)" ~ YeT aNotHeR oRiginaL pOeM by Brian T. Bolding ~ Written on Thursday, 1/30/20 from 8:25 pm - 8:30 pm Enjoy! -BB- ***   Each man for himself The ship is sinking The ship is… Put your memories up on that shelf And sail away into... Continue Reading →

8.26.18 One Year On (Journal)

Yes. Cabo was amazing. My Sister and I got back over a month ago, and I'll write about that soon. But for now... there's another important milestone to report: I'm so happy to report that my amazing boyfriend *B* and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week. August 22nd is the special date. However,... Continue Reading →

2.4.18 Blissful B (Journal)

Having an amazing weekend, I hope you are too! Yesterday was probably one of the most amazing Saturdays I've had in my entire life. I spent a wonderful entire day with my boyfriend B yesterday. It was probably one of a handful of times in the past five months that we've been able to share... Continue Reading →

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