8.26.18 One Year On (Journal)

Yes. Cabo was amazing. My Sister and I got back over a month ago, and I’ll write about that soon. But for now… there’s another important milestone to report: I’m so happy to report that my amazing boyfriend *B* and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week. August 22nd is the special date. However, we celebrated the weekend before.

I whisked B away secretly to breakfast last Saturday afternoon, after getting him some tulips to celebrate our year. I took him to La Madeleine which he had never really had before (save for some pastries one night), and he absolutely loved it, which made me incredibly happy as it’s one of my favorite places back home in Dallas. After our amazing brunch, I told him to not ask questions and just enjoy the ride… I was taking him to a secret loation about an hour and a half away! To ease the trip, B came up with an amazing carpool karaoke game, which was so much fun. We each had to sing a song starting with the next letter of the alphabet starting at the beginning, and let me tell you, X and Z were difficult.) So, we arrived after a small bout of Siri maps amnesia. We had an amazing time at Jemez Hot Springs! He had no idea where I was taking him, but he kind of realized as we’d arrived in town. There were about 5 different hot mineral pools dotted around the site, and we happily hopped in and out several times trying to find ‘just the right’ one. Amazingly, as we held one another and kissed, it started to rain a little, and the dark clouds above us rolled past the mountains and suddenly we were sitting in a hot mineral pool with icy cold rain sprinkling down for a short period of time. It was so amazing. We felt so rejuvenated and relaxed, it was just incredible. (To be fair, I had been to Jemez before on a previous date a few years earlier and had an awkward bad date experience which does not bare repeating.) This was such a special day and it felt so amazing to hold my man in my arms in a hot mineral bath and just rest our eyes and dream.

Afterward, upon advice from one of the staff at the spa, we ate at Highway 4 Coffee, which was another amazing experience. As we entered, we asked about the daily special, which the staff guy at the spa recommended. The guy at the counter said they were out, and looked over at a table full of locals, about 10 or so, who were chowing down on Chicken Chow Mein. There was a big birthday cake in the middle, chocolate (my favorite) and a few of the locals offered B and I some cake when we were done with our meals. (Where else does that happen? Seriously?) It was a little stuffy in the diner, but we thoroughly enjoyed our huge Chicken Fried Steak and sides. B tipped the staff there extra after I paid and we were on our way back home. We smiled as we held hands in the car and it was just such an amazing way to mark the passing of our first year. We’re both so excited and thrilled to see what’s in store.

And yes, both school and work are going great, and I’m now working out daily again. So yes, busy! Thank God the summer monsoon is here, as well. I’ve been trying to go on small hikes on the weekends, and have taken some amazing pics, too. Each day has been sunny and cool and a little stormy, and that’s just how I love it.

Lots to look forward to this year!


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