12.01.22 “The Dripping Down” (Poetry, 2022)

"The Dripping Down" was written on November 30, 2022, from 8:30 p.m. to 8:38 p.m. This poem is from my personal poetry book for Oct-Dec 2022, "The Darkest Mile." This is how i used to write. Just sit down, time myself, and go to town. No editing. Anyhow, here's the latest ramblings from a very busy boy...

3.27.19 Focus on Fitness (Journal)

I've started getting those looks. You know the ones. "Oh! You've lost weight!" "You look so thin!" "You dieting, bro?" And I, for one, am ecstatic that people are noticing. Since 2010, I've been focused on my health, in varying degrees, beginning with a massive 80 pound loss in 6 months back then. My weight... Continue Reading →

3.3.18 Life’s Good (Journal)

Sorry for the long time between updates. Not that anyone is clutching to the edge of their computer screen just waiting, but for me, it's good for my soul to get things out and communicate, even if it is mostly just for me. To the one or two of you who stumble upon my blog,... Continue Reading →

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