11.30.18 Hot Air B (Poem, 2015)

When I’m happy and in a relationship, I always forget about how awful it was when I was single. It’s happened from time to time in my life, sure. As a lover of words, I’m reposting this one, because I like how it flows and maybe it’ll help somoene else out there who is single chuckle, live within a shared moment and keep hope lit for another day. Because one day, your knight in shining armor will sweep you away off your feet, knock the bitterness out of your heart, and you won’t know what hit you.

11.30.18 BB


“Hot Air B”


As I get older

As I get carried away

40 and single, angry and alone

I get carried away, I get carried away

like a hot air b in Albuquerque

floating up into the clouds, up up into the sky

If one more fake fag pisses me off I think I’ll just die

And I wonder why I’m so alone

Aren’t I a catch? Something geeky and cool

Won’t you give me a chance? You fucking tool.

As I get older

As I get carried away

40 and single, not quite ready to mingle

Give me some space, I never want to see you again

Get away from me, you three piece suit xerox copy

I need someone who is artistic and not a label

No AOL/Time Warner Fodder for me, thanks

No alt/punk/bear gay guy with tire holes in his ears

Please, be original and ready to piss off some queers

Just shut the door and keep talking to myself

Eventually, someone will take this dusty old book

off from the top shelf and give it a fresh look.



10/11/15 Sun 1:42 pm BB.

Photo from Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, 2015

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