05.27.23 BCB #107: “Cobra Arcade Bar” Crawl (Phoenix, AZ Barcade Walkthrough) Barcade Crawl Series No. 3

In early May, I graduated from my Master's Degree program out in Phoenix, Arizona. While there, my fam & I decided to stop at #CobraArcadeBar to celebrate! It's a local #barcade with some cool #retro inspired styling (and drinks!), a #dancefloor , a #DJ, a #bar, a rotating selection of #Arcadecabs & #pinballmachines & much... Continue Reading →

8.26.18 One Year On (Journal)

Yes. Cabo was amazing. My Sister and I got back over a month ago, and I'll write about that soon. But for now... there's another important milestone to report: I'm so happy to report that my amazing boyfriend *B* and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week. August 22nd is the special date. However,... Continue Reading →

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