5.31.17 The First Time.

Hello there. Brian here. AKA ballistik coffee boy on LiveJournal for over 20 years. UNTIL… one day, I logged on, and it had suddenly been sold to the Russians. Yeah. NO kidding. And they were about to start flagging posts that mentioned homosexuality and remove them and fine the poster. Not joking. After over 11,000 posts, and 20 years full of whit, wisdom, creative diahrrea and other fun stuff, I had to look elsewhere. What’s sad is that I already did that. I left LJ for MSN Spaces and then got back on LJ again. Then let about 7 years go by before updating. Or is that 10 years? At any rate, I had this blog for a really long long time and I had to delete it. Dammit.

Here I is.

So I pretty much pride myself on creative-conscious-thought-writing. I am a writer, in fact, not exactly officially published, but I’ve written 4 novels, thousands of poems, and self-published a zine back in the late 90’s (Pop Art Trash) which lasted about 2 1/2 years. The zine’s main focus was: growing up gay in the 80’s, coffee culture, andy warhol prints, homoerotic smoker cartoons, morrissey and Smiths lyrics, and other random stuff. Lasted about 12 30-page issues. I pasted all the images, wrote all the stories, came up with all the articles, it was the most fun I had in my whole life. At least it seemed like it at the time. I actually had about 500 subscribers at one point. Not too bad, considering. I’m not one to toot my own horn but there you go. Just trying to tell you where I’ve come from.

So.. I’m 42 years old now. I’m a traveler. I’m a writer, budding photographer, artist, painter, poet, you name it, I’ve messed with it. And made art out of it. That’s my joy in life. I also like coffee, if you couldn’t tell, and when you get me talking, you can’t stop me. In real life, I’m a semi-antisocial guy, don’t have a lot of close friends anymore, my family lives far away and I live in the desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When people ask me how I ended up here after 35 years in Texas and one year in California, I tell them that the aliens abducted me and dropped me here.

That’s a lie. But it sounds like a cool story.


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