12.13.21 “Ballistik Coffee Boy – Storytime,” a new feature on my YouTube page, features chapters of my first novel, ‘Sweet Pea’ & more!

So, I never thought the day would come! The first novel I wrote, "Sweet Pea," is now up on YouTube as part of an ongoing weekly series named 'Storytime.' In this new series, I read my writings & get cozy with a cup of joe. Take a look and subscribe, like & comment! Enjoy. -BB

12.30.19 Adios, 2019… (Journal)

This year has been one of the most turbulent and chaotic for me. I lost my Dad this past Summer, and that was a heartwrenchingly-grueling experience, to say the least, but peaceful, as well. As my family and I were still dealing with his loss, I graduated from college this past October and while that... Continue Reading →

12.9.19 The Clang of December (Poem)

"The Clang of December" by Brian Bolding © 2019 Pop Art Trash Productions *** *** Raining down Soaked in the insanity Of yet another full day of vanity It’s pasty white out there And people pass and go And don’t ever worry or care About one another Nobody looks after their brother It’s so sad it... Continue Reading →

6.25.17 A Whole Man (Poem)

"A Whole Man" by Brian B.   I just want a whole man to call my own Someone to hold me so I'll never feel alone Someone to cherish all my idiosyncrasies Someone to love me until I'm weak in the knees I just want a whole man to protect me from the night Someone... Continue Reading →

6.21.17 Blue Period (Poem)

Blue Period Poem by Brian Bolding Photo from texasescapes.com 6.21.17   Suffocating silhouettes, Route 66 abandoned gas stations call to me Smoking too many cigarettes Thoughts that live in infamy…   (Languishing away in a coffeeshop on a Saturday Vignettes of loneliness Scattered through my mind If only I had the courage To stand up... Continue Reading →

Writing as Therapy for Gay Men.

October 27, 2011 From my private journal.   Writing as Therapy for Gay Men By Brian Bolding   As a gay man in today’s world, we need to equip ourselves with tools to make sure we get through the days. I found early on in my life that I needed a creative outlet to channel... Continue Reading →

My Hate Crime Story.

The following story is an edited excerpt from Chapter 13, ‘Growing Pains,’ from my first novel, Sweet Pea, which I wrote from 1990-2005. It includes information from previous and later chapters, so as to convey the story best in this format. This story is a graphic and offensive, but completely true account, of a hate... Continue Reading →

6.17.17 The Birds at Dawn (Poem)

  'The Birds at Dawn' from May-June poetry book, "Maydays" Photo / Jim Winstead / Flickr Poem By Brian Bolding   They dove away Fleeing the light of the city To some darker clouds overhead Where you can’t see The mischief and the agony The calling from far far away In another time, another world... Continue Reading →

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