6.29.19 California Dreamin’. (Journal)

As I sit here at work sipping my Lemon Lift Bigelow hot tea (just because I'm out of office coffee), I'm reminded how awesome the past month has been. Finally! A good month! For starters, I just returned from visiting my big sis Nickie and my niece Daisy out in San Clemente, California. We had... Continue Reading →

2.27.19 Miami (Journal)

So, it's nearing March. I can't believe it. They say time goes by faster the older you get. I now know what that means! So the sibs and I got together over a text convo after Christmas and decided that it was time for another family vacation. We threw some places out in discussing this...... Continue Reading →

7.1.18 Summer’s Started (Journal)

Life carries on... like an endless tidal wave of boredom, loving moments with my boyfriend (too few and far between for my liking), the suffocating engulfing news with which I choose to stay close in contact with these days (Trump this, Trump that), and the steady drum of homework due each week in my online... Continue Reading →

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