12.9.19 The Clang of December (Poem)

“The Clang of December”

by Brian Bolding

© 2019 Pop Art Trash Productions



Raining down

Soaked in the insanity

Of yet another full day of vanity

It’s pasty white out there

And people pass and go

And don’t ever worry or care

About one another

Nobody looks after their brother

It’s so sad it makes me blue

The clang of December is coming after you


It’s a hit or miss parade

It’s a pompous cavalcade

People come and go

And meanwhile I just wanna know

Why do you have to hurt others to exist

I think your pride needs to meet my fist

Love it or leave it

Lie or believe it

It’s so sad it can’t be true

The clang of December is coming after me and you.


12.1.19 sun 556 pm bb.


Picture/Art/Cover by Brian Bolding, “Christmas Red and Greens”



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