10.24.21 Kinda Off Center (Poem, 2016)

“Kinda Off Center” was writen on September 21, 2016 and is from my personal poetry journal for July-September 2016, ‘Random Thoughts and What Nots.’ It’s… a little off, but truth hurts. And don’t worry… I ‘cracked’ a long time ago! Enjoy! -BB

“Kinda Off Center” by Brian Bolding

Somedays I feel

Not Quite Right

Somedays I feel

Someone turned off my night light

Somedays I feel

I’m like life’s little splinter

Somedays I feel

Kinda Off Center

Somedays I feel

Like there’s a knife sticking in my back

Somedays I feel

I’m super fragile and I might crack

Somedays I feel

I’d rather it were night

Somedays I feel

It will all be alright.

9.21.16 937 pm wed BB.

Photo from October 8, 2017 from the ABQ Int’l Balloon Fiesta, entitled ‘Morning Glow,’ by Brian Bolding

One thought on “10.24.21 Kinda Off Center (Poem, 2016)

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  1. The poem ends on a happy note, and yet… only sometimes. The unstated, but not quite unwritten, last line is possibly this couplet:

    Somedays I feel
    It will all be smashed up

    We live our lives in bits and pieces that are opposites. We are good. Or not. Happy. Or not. Writing. Or not.

    How are you choosing to post these older poems? Are you reminiscing and re-reading older poetry books that you’ve written?


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