10.26.21 “Bubba’s Shoutouts,” a new series on my YouTube channel, features amazing vintage gaming YouTubers!

YouTube update! I’ve started a new series, “Bubba’s Shoutouts,” which are 5 minute clips of me giving a shoutout to very special YouTubers within the vintage gaming/general gaming community.

So far, I’ve posted 2 episodes… the first is a shoutout to ‘Blakranger’ on YouTube, who is an amazing dude who has a show called “Blerd Life” (black nerd) which is so genuine, amazing & fun. He has an infectious personality, for sure, and has become a great friend to me on YouTube and has given me so much advice. Check out his thrift crawl videos (where he takes you with him on his video game search) and also his new show, ‘Blerds, Bros & Brews,’ where he and his buddy kick back, drink some brews & talk about the good old days, kickass shoes, and what not.

My second video features a shoutout to “Do You Nerd?,” the vintage gaming couple that I wish would adopt me (!!!) they are so sweet and genuine. Please check out their unboxing videos, their convention crawls with friends & also, check out their house tour (er, game room tour!) It’s pretty darned amazing to see and they give me the warm “gaming” fuzzies! In the episode I do a review of, which is yesterday’s episode, they go into detail about the ‘Dad Box,’ which is a gaming box that is passed around between friends in order to share some vintage gaming stuff. A+++ people!

I plan on posting a few of these sporadically as they are so easy to produce & make, are so short and easy to edit. Let me know what you think, and if you have any amazing vintage gamer YouTubers you’d like me to check out and feature some day in the near future.

Game on!

Episode 1 – Blakranger (Blerd Life)

Episode 2 – Do You Nerd?

Episode 3 – Total Level

Episode 4 – TBA


One thought on “10.26.21 “Bubba’s Shoutouts,” a new series on my YouTube channel, features amazing vintage gaming YouTubers!

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  1. This is a good idea; giving respect to those whose work we admire. Often, we don’t get to hear from those people. Even a word or two left on my videos can make all of the difference sometimes.


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