10.23.21 “Attack of the Mini-Arcades,” and 2 Bonus GamePlay videos, now up on YouTube!

FYI – “Attack of the Mini Arcades” and two bonus videos of gameplay (of the Atari Lynx and the Vectrex) are now up on the BCB YouTube channel! Take a look at the links below, leave a comment, subscribe & like.

BCB – Bonus Video #1 – Atari Lynx II w/ Ms. Pac Man 10.20.21

BCB – #12 – Attack of the Mini-Arcades! 10.22.21

BCB – Bonus Video #2 – The Vectrex & Gameplay 10.23.21

2 thoughts on “10.23.21 “Attack of the Mini-Arcades,” and 2 Bonus GamePlay videos, now up on YouTube!

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  1. That little Dig Dug console looks really cool! I think read that it plays the NES version of the game. Is that right? I guess you probably talk about it in your video. The Lynx and Vectrex are both “portable” in their own way.

    Have you ever played the Microvision? That system is so limited. Even in the eyes of a classic game player it’s hard to appreciate that portable system.

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    1. You know what.. I haven’t played the Microvision, but I’ve seen it on eBay here and there, and maybe one video about it. It’s so weird.. I’m solely an Atari and NES guy, and anything on those two systems I’m all about. I love that your expertise of other systems helps to educate me on whats out there. You know, we never got to play the Spectrum ZX, maybe next time i hope! Yes, portability is a thing with me.. even if it has a large handle and weighs like 8 pounds lol! 😀


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