11.2.21 New Site Feature – “No Filter,” formerly “BCB Bonus Videos,” now its own weekly episode

So, I decided last weekend to officially make my “BCB Bonus Videos” (of vintage gaming gameplay) its own ‘show’ or ‘feature’ of my YouTube channel. Now, BCB Bonus Videos will be known as “No Filter,” with the premise of playing ‘original software on original hardware’ (that is, not using any ROMS or unofficial means to play or record gameplay.) I’m doing this for many reasons, but mostly because it’s much easier for me just to record me playing games on original hardware than attempt to use roms or record from my original hardware, which is nearly impossible and too time consuming. I’m also a huge believer in playing vintage games on original hardware, with original cartridges, discs and the like, so it works out pretty well. This week, I’ve posted “No Filter” #3, which was next in the series, and features me playing ‘Tempest 2000’ on the Atari Jaguar 64-bit system. I hope you enjoy! I also renamed the previous 3 episodes to No Filter but did not change anything else out the videos. Going forward, these bonus videos of pure gameplay will feature new intros, as well as commercials from the era in which the games were produced. I use the motto of “No Gimmicks, Just Gameplay” throughout, and I really hope my intention shines through.

Enjoy my videos, subscribe, like and comment… and game on!


One thought on “11.2.21 New Site Feature – “No Filter,” formerly “BCB Bonus Videos,” now its own weekly episode

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  1. You’re channel is really active. Or, it seems that way to me, anyway.

    Having pure game-play videos is a good idea. It can sometimes take forever to edit a video and it can almost feel like work if we do it too often. Anything to allow the “maker” side of our life easier is a great idea.


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