11.2.21 Updated Release Schedule for videos on my vintage gaming YouTube channel!

Just a quick site update on my YouTube channel, “Ballistik Coffee Boy.” Because of various factors, including me accidentally posting 3 videos that were scheduled for later, and because of the “Halloween Spooktacular” episode (which was an extra, the week of Halloween), my release schedule got a little out of whack! Go figure. The new release schedule is as follows:

Mondays – “No Filter – No Gimmicks, Just Gameplay.” (Videos of strictly gameplay – using real hardware coupled with real software/cartridges/discs) These usually last 10-15 minutes and will be posted each Monday around 12 pm MST. These are so easy to record and churn out that with my busy schedule, they are fairly easy to produce. Less focus on editing.

Wednesdays – (Every other Wednesday) ‘Bubba’s Shoutouts” (Videos of me giving kudos to other YouTubers who have inspired me or who I feel are hidden gems in the forest of gaming YouTubers) This will be posted every other Wednesday around 12 pm MST.

Fridays – BCB – Main Episodes, Various Titles. (Videos that I post each week that feature a closer look at a console, a particular game I love or other aspect of vintage gaming.) This will be posted every Friday around 12 pm MST.

Sorry for the confusion! And I’m going to stick with this for now until something else changes!

Also working continaully on improving video and audio quality, so bear with me!



2 thoughts on “11.2.21 Updated Release Schedule for videos on my vintage gaming YouTube channel!

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  1. You’re really doing some great work here. You’re thinking ahead to the weeks coming forward and you’ve got a proper release schedule (a bit of preparation I never even looked toward with any seriousness on my own video channel). You’ve got three, if I understand this post correctly, videos coming out per week now on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. Make sure to enjoy yourself and don’t get burned out having too much fun!

    If you take requests, then I’d like to see you cover your pinball setup and give some details about why you bought it along with some of your personal pinball memories. I didn’t grow up playing pinball, and I’m terrible at the game, but there’s a richness to it that I’ve always found intriguing and attractive because of the thumps and bangs that spring forth from the machines as the real steel ball gets knocked about the playfield.


    1. Thanks, A! Well, it’s going to be 2 per week, 1 is just easy game play, and every other week I’ll be posting a shout out video which is also pretty easy. The ones I stress over are the main ones I’ll be posting each Friday, but these are all fun to make or else I wouldn’t do it. I have enough consoles and games I could plan an entire 5 year run lol and I reserve the right to slow down should it become too much. Again, sorry about the lop sided videos and sub par quality. I’m working on it and learning as I go. Hugs!


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