11.07.21 May I Borrow You For a Minute? (Poetry, 2021)

“May I Borrow You For a Minute?” was written on October 23, 2021, and is contained in my personal poetry book for Oct-Dec 2021, ‘Earthly Delights in a Closed Type Universe.’ It’s about tortured souls and what not, and how they like to feed off people’s energy. I did that for a long time myself (can we say, my entire 30’s?) Anyhow, growing up is all about self-awareness and changing your ways, becoming a better version of yourself, as I like to do every year. (haha) Enjoy. -BB

“May I Borrow You For A Minute?” by Brian Bolding

Can you come here

May I borrow you for a minute

I’ve got something to say

And you’re all over it

Can you come here

Let me dump a load on you

So many stories to tell

I don’t know what to do

Can you lend your ear

Let me fill you up with bitterness

This whole divulging thing

It’s all hit or miss

Can you come here

Let me expunge my tortured soul

Give you some room to fume

My life has taken a toll.

10.23.21 1058 am sat bb.

Drawing is entitled “The Borrower” by Brian Bolding, 11/7/21

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