12.11.21 Victory Laps in Outer Space (Poetry, 2021)

Sometimes you disappear, without a trace. Sometimes… and maybe twice. This atypically positive & happy poem was written on December 10, 2021 in my poetry compilation for Oct-Dec 2021, ‘Earthly Delights in a Closed Type Universe.’ Enjoy, while it lasts! đŸ™‚ – BB.

“Victory Laps in Outer Space” by Brian Bolding

I wanna ride with you

Holding your shoelaces, flying behind, disappearing into faraway nebulas

I want to look up at you and see you smiling

In all your purple starry anime looking beauty

Let’s get in our pajamas, cuddle up close

Let’s close our eyes and vanquish all the gross

Let’s get in my car right now and just go anyplace

Let’s enjoy our victory laps in outer space

I wanna achieve with you

Do the best I can and show you how much I care

I want to always know you can finish my sentence

In all your bookish bespectacled belligerent beauty

Let’s knock back some brewskys, get naked at nine

Let’s hop in the hot tub in winter, I’ve heard its divine

Let’s disappear one day, instantly and without a trace

Let’s tell them all we did victory laps in outer space

I wanna grow with you

Long and green and tall just like a weed

I want to say your name each night in my prayers

When we wish each other goodnight, kiss you on your shoulder

Let’s battle back the sorrow and fears

Let’s write poems about age old tears

Let’s dance by candlelight, I wanna be near your face

Let’s take a rocket ride and do victory laps in outer space

Let’s take a rocket ride and do victory laps in outer space

Let’s disappear again one day, completely and without a trace.

12.10.21 909 pm fri bb.

Photo taken by me in Austin, TX in Summer 2018, on Lake Travis.

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