04.23.22 Under the Waves (Poetry)

On April 21, I visited my big Sis in Socal along with my TX family. We met up and took Mom (for her 69th birthday) to Catalina Island on the Catalina Flyer ship. The waves got pretty brutal going over on Friday, 4/22, and it made me re-evaluate my life & my new choices, and how I can now stand in my own power. This poem was written in ‘real time’ on 4/23/22 @ 9:49 AM PST (Cali time.) Enjoy! -BB

“Under the Waves” by Brian Bolding

Jostling in my seat

Holding onto Mom’s crumpled sleeve

water drips down on her face

Speckled across her Jackie O Sunglases

and the waves come crashing down

Surrounding us now, feeling overpowered

It’s the same story in this seaside town

finding yourself

simply beautiful things

at the age of 46 (almost 47)

i can honestly say i’ve got my wings

overcoming adversity

and all the world’s weight

makes surviving and winning sweeter

and another good thing, it’s never too late.


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