02.10.23 BCB #93: 8-Bit Bubba’s Toy Box V. 1 (Vintage Toys n Junk, Cool Retro Toy Commercials – w/ 8-Bit Bubba) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It! On 8-Bit Bubba’s #ToyBox special, he digs deep into his childhood #toy box to bring you such awesome things like the #RadioShack Remote Controlled Tractor #Trailer, #Alphie, his original #RubiksCube, #Alf, #toy #cars, #boardgames like the #MatchMe by Kingsford Ltd, and much more! Plus: Tons of crazy classic #vintage toy #commercials! What will 8-Bit Bubba uncover next?!


(Ballistik here, in editing mode.) On this surprising break from Atari, 8-Bit Bubba is back with a look at some of his (and my) childhood toys & junk he’s collected & scattered throughout my house! You’ll get to see the Radio Shack Remote Controlled Trailer! You’ll see MY Alf doll. (WTF, man! Put that back!) You’ll even get to see some random Happy Meal Toys, suspicous ‘bedroom toys,’ Kingsford Ltd’s “Match Me,” his original Rubik’s Cube & much, much more! If you can handle the bad taste, there may even be an alternate ending (if you can stomach the rest! It’s pretty terrible.)


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