2.12-14.23 “Star Wars 40th Anniv Arcade1Up Cab Review” Promo & Atari Newsline Utomik & Flash Sale Update (YouTube)

Did You See It? … Between Feb 12 & 14, I published 2 new videos featuring a promo for my #Arcade1Up #StarWars 40th Anniversary Home #Arcade Cab & another with more news about #Utomik, Apple’s new game streaming partner, and a new #FlashSale for #ValentinesDay week! See em both below 😉


Premiered Feb 12, 2023 Coming soon to BCB! It’s the #Arcade1Up #StarWars: 40th Anniversary Home #Arcade, exclusively by #Atari & Arcade1Up! This limited-edition re-release & renewed #cabinet celebrates 3 classic Atari #arcade games, complete with new artwork, a yoke & glowing coin door, as well as three classic movies that defined a generation! Join me on Feb 24th as I give an overview of the cab & show some #gameplay! It’s def becoming one of my all-time favorites!

Premiered Feb 14, 2023… On this Atari Newsline, I discuss a new Atari Valentines Day Flash Sale that is LIVE now! Also: A little more about Utomik, the game streaming service Atari will be parterning with soon. And: my upcoming Atari & Arcade1Up Star Wars 40th Anniversary Home Arcade Cab Review Promo! That is coming on Feb 24th! Catch it all here on Atari Newsline!


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