02.20-21.23 ‘Akka Arrh’ Game Updates, Atari Newsline & Spoiler Special! (YouTube)

In the past week, I uploaded three #AkkaArrh newslines, updates & spoiler special on my #vintagegaming #Atari #YouTube channel, #BallistikCoffeeBoy. These are listed below in order of airdate, for your convenience. Did you play this game? I think it’s an amazing #game by one outstanding developer, #JeffMinter from #Llamasoft! Check it out 🙂 (and excuse my frame rate OBS issues in the gameplay portion.)

02.20.23 ‘Akka Arrh’ (2023) May Be Released on Tues, Feb 21st! (Spoiler Free!) (Atari Newsline)

On this spoiler-free Atari Newsline, ‘Akka Arrh’ may be released on Tues, Feb 21st! Today, some early reviews & spoilers dropped about the game (more on that later!) I read the updated Atari website & show you the trailer. Will you be purchasing it?

02.21.23 #AkkaArrh Launch Day Spoiler Special (Reviews from NintendoLife & PS4Blog) 2.21.23 (#Atari Newsline)

On this Akka Arrh ‘launch day spoiler special,’ I read to you two different reviews on Jeff Minter’s remake of Akka Arrh for Atari, on the Nintendo Switch & the PS4. What did reviewers have to say? Did the game make it out on the VCS for release day, too? Also: my buddy Bally Alley’s Astrocast podcast for the Bally Astrocade & what’s coming next!

02.21.23 No Filter HD {SE} #13 – #AkkaArrh on the #AtariVCS w/ Commentary (Launch Day Exclusive & First Look)

On this episode of No Filter HD (Special Edition), I play “Akka Arrh” on the Atari VCS. This includes live commentary as I’m playing the game for the first time. It’s the launch day exclusive & first look! What did I think about the game? Watch & find out… P.S. Sorry for the ocassional lag. My laptop was on its last legs, but I hope the sometimes slower frame rate gives you a chance to at least see everything 😉


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