02.20.23 That Atari Show #30: “All That Kaz” (KRAZ Prod Pt 3, MockingJayYT, Game Review: ‘Frostbite’ & News!) (YouTube)

In Case You Missed It… On this #THATATARISHOW, Kazdan w/ #KRAZ Productions wraps up his interview in Part 3. We discuss content creation, what Atari SA needs to improve upon and more #VCS talk! Don’t miss it! Also: I feature #MockingjayYT in Creator Space, a great content creator featuring #Atari content, too (so good he beat me as YouTuber of the Month! hehe.) My game review is #Frostbite, for the #Atari2600 (as played on the Flashback 50th.) Plus: News & much more! #AtariPride

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