03.15.23 RTFM #17: All About Dem Manualz (Pt. 2) Nintendo Games (NES, GBA, N64, SNES, 3DS, Wii U & Switch!) (YouTube)

On this installment of RTFM, it’s part 2 of “All About Dem Manualz!” I take a look at some #Nintendo #boxart & #manuals, from the #NES to the #GBA, #WiiU to #Switch & more. Most of the console generations are represented. I go over some favorites & others random picks, including #LunarPool for the NES, #Tetris Axis on the Nintendo #3DS to “New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U” on the Wii U and even “Monster Trucks Mayhem” on the #GameBoy Advance. Plus more! What’s my all-time favorite here? Come along with me as I explore these manuals, box art, show some gameplay, some ancient Nintendo commercials, history & more! Episode length: 40 mins.


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