10.19.21 “Things I’ve Learned…,” Episode 11, now up on YouTube!

Hey guys! Just a heads up… episode 11 is now up on my new YouTube channel, Ballistik Coffee Boy. This episode deals with all the things I’ve learned in the past 6 weeks of creating the previous 10 episodes of my new channel. If you like vintage gaming, please add me, subscribe, like and comment! (I’ll settle for the subscribing! Haha) Anyways, I hope you enjoy the channel and I am still posting here on my webpage when time permits. I’ve always got so much to share. Take care and click below!

BCB #11 – Things I’ve Learned…


2 thoughts on “10.19.21 “Things I’ve Learned…,” Episode 11, now up on YouTube!

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  1. It’s great that you’re already aware that you’ve learned more about making videos. It’s a hard process to keep up with over the long term. I hope that you come to see that all the little faults that seem glaring to you in your videos aren’t seen by anyone else.

    I’m reading these posts and yet I’m not yet watching the videos; I’ll get to ’em. Promises. Promises.

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    1. I think so, too! I learned alot from these guys, about 10-12 YouTubers who I will eventually post about. They got me to come out of my shell and just begin vlogging (video blogging) so I appreciate them all so much! They deserve more attention for sure! Not doing shows about big whigs, just those who have under 2K followers or so. -BB

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