12.05.22 “That Atari Show #19: Yorkies TV Meets 8-Bit Bubba!” (YouTube Update)

On this jam-packed episode of #ThatAtariShow, Andrew from #YorkiesTV on #YouTube joins us! We dicuss everything from making witty YouTube content, the #AtariVCS, favorite #games, where we draw inspiration from & much more! Also: the new #AtariFlashback Gold 50th Anniversary Edition HD is out! I play “Sequest” on this amazing little marvel. It’s a must buy! Plus: In the tradition of this episode’s ‘quirky’ theme, I review “Platter-Mania!,” a somewhat sub-par party game for the Atari #8bitcomputer line. Join us! #Atari #Gaming #VintageGaming #Retrogaming #Atari50


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