01.10.23 That Atari Show #24: Dad is a Joke, BCB #88: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes & Atari Newsline: Caverns of Mars… Recharged? (YouTube)

From January 7 – January 10, three new episodes were

From January 7-10, three new episodes were posted to BCB. On That Atari Show #24, I interview #Atari blogger & content creator, Dad is a Joke. I also take a look at the latest news and also on Atari Newsline: Caverns of Mars… Recharged? Finally, on episode 88 of BCB, I discuss some schedule changes, Video Games Monthly coming to an end & what’s new in Season 3! Episodes posted below in order of appearance.

BCB #88: “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes” Jan 6, 2023

Welcome to Season 3 of BCB! On this episode, I discuss some schedule changes, what’s coming down the pike, what I plan to interview, the fate of Video Games Monthly, and I discuss a couple of ‘hot topics,’ including respect in the vintage gaming community & Evercade EXP LE delays & how I truly feel abou that. Let me know in comments what you think! I’m excited to bring you fresh new content each week!

That Atari Show #24: “Dad is a Joke” Jan 9, 2023

On this episode of That Atari Show, “Dad Is A Joke” (Atari blogger & content creator), stops by to chat his favorite Atari VCS games, click-bait stories, content creation & much more!) Plus: My Arcade & Atari News & a Homebrew game, “Atari Climber/Climber 5,’ for the Atari 2600. Join us for Atari goodness each week. What do you think about the My Arcade & Atari products? Stay tuned to this channel for the latest!

1.9.23 New Atari Recharged Game, “Caverns of Mars,” leaked on Atari Website! Wow!!! (Atari Newsline Newsflash)

Just moments ago, I was interviewing my good friend Rich (‘Bacon Ice Cream Productions’ on YouTube) for a future ‘That Atari Show,’ and THIS got dropped on me! (Thanks, Rich!) Atari accidentally leaked it’s next Atari Recharged games, Caverns of Mars! (First released in 1981.) I talk about a quick history of the game on Atari 800 computers, the Atari Program Exchange, and how this game came to be on Atari 50 and now, on your VCS. Coming soon! Stay tuned!


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