01.15.23 Unbox’d #31: Attack of the 8-Bit Bubba Box!, BCB #89: Big Buck World Home Arcade & BCB Promo for BCB #91: Atari Force Comics & the BCB Simon Optix Challenge! (YouTube)

In the past week, three new episodes have been uploaded to my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel, #BallistikCoffeeBoy! In Unbox’d #31, 8-Bit Bubba is here to co-host, and he’s got a VGM replacement, the 8-Bit Bubba Box! We also talk about our first #Dreamcast & #Famicom #games! In BCB 89, I take a look at the Big Buck World home arcade cab by #Arcade1Up! Finally, in the promo for BCB #91, I’m taking a look at my Atari Force #comics, as well as go on a few #Simon Optix Challenges! Episodes below are listed in order of air date. Thanks !

UNBOX’D #31: “Attack of the 8-Bit Bubba Box!” Jan 11, 2023

On this episode of UNBOX’D, 8-Bit Bubba & Coop Kitty join me on our quest to find nirvana via unboxings. We’ve paused VGM for the time being, and 8-Bit Bubba wants a new box, so he creates his OWN… the 8-Bit Bubba Box! Let’s see what’s in this box of our favorite pickups for Jan 2023. Unboxings include Atari 800 games, our first Famicom game, a Texas wall clock, lots of NES, some PS3 & Dreamcast goodness, a mini fridge, free PC games & much more!

BCB #89: Big Buck World Home Arcade by Arcade1Up – Overview & Gameplay Jan 13, 2023

This week, I take a look at the Big Buck World arcade cabinet by Arcade 1 Up. Yes, it’s a 3/4 size arcade, but it’s new, affordable & comes with 2 Sinden light guns, has some killer cab art, super loud speakers and it rocks! It’s perfect for gtg’s or even solo play. Features many adventures and bonus games, to boot. Come along with me to my Coffeecade (by day & by night) and let’s take a look at this unique addition to my home arcade 😉

Coming Soon to BCB! “Atari Force Comics & the BCB Simon Optix Challenge!” 01.27.23

Promo for BCB #91, “Atari Force Comics & the BCB Simon Optix Challenge!” Premiering January 27, 2023 @ 8a PST/11a EST! In this episode, I do a historical overview of Atari Force comics & talk a little bit about them, show the beautiful cover art for each issue, play two embarrassingly fun BCB Simon Optix Challenges and more!

BCB. Vintage Gaming & More. Don’t miss it.


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