02.03.23 BCB #92: “Atari Oddities! Bizarre #Atari Products” (Atari Jukebox, AtariTel, Puppy Pong, MindLink & More!) (YouTube)

Previously, on BCB… On this episode of BCB, I talk about some odd #Atari products! These include: Atari CC 192 Calculator, #AtariTel Video Phone, #PuppyPong & tons more! Did you know Atari made a jukebox? How about a sun visor for your Atari Lynx handheld? Would you believe, records? The Atari Mind Link? How about a music visualizer? Even a hide n’ go seek video game that sucks?! Tune in to find out about some wacky products that Atari came up with over the years!

BCB #92: Atari Oddities! Weird Products (Atari Jukebox, AtariTel, Puppy Pong, Calc, MindLink & More) – YouTube


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