4.19.19 One Door Closes… (Journal)

I'm always amazed at how quickly life can change from one day to the next, after being reliable and somewhat stagnant and predictable for the longest time, too. What happened over the past month, and how I handled all of it, really means that I am truly ready for anything! Life has definitely thrown me... Continue Reading →

10.15.18 Gym Bunnies (Journal)

It was in the seventies about a week ago. Today? 41. The weather has definitely changed and I'm so freaking excited. Being a creature who literally becomes a walking talking portable heater, I always welcome the freshness and crispness that sometimes Fall brings. Looks like it's gonna be a nice cool Winter, and we need... Continue Reading →

2.8.18 Random Thoughts 1,259

These random thoughts are brought to you by... me being a procrastinator and not doing my homework. Ok, here goes... 😀   I'm currently addicted to the low calorie vegetable egg rolls at Dollar Tree. God help me. Another thing the bf has suggested that I love. lol Check this out, too. Recipe for Cinnamon... Continue Reading →

2.4.18 Blissful B (Journal)

Having an amazing weekend, I hope you are too! Yesterday was probably one of the most amazing Saturdays I've had in my entire life. I spent a wonderful entire day with my boyfriend B yesterday. It was probably one of a handful of times in the past five months that we've been able to share... Continue Reading →

1.2.18 In The Making (Poem)

I’m a little pup Here for the taking Wrapped up in a bow in a basket I’m a sex animal in the making I’m salivating wildly Here on all fours Oh baby touch me once Touch me twice, I’m all yours I’m a little angel With horns so sharp and pure I used to have... Continue Reading →

6.25.17 A Whole Man (Poem)

"A Whole Man" by Brian B.   I just want a whole man to call my own Someone to hold me so I'll never feel alone Someone to cherish all my idiosyncrasies Someone to love me until I'm weak in the knees I just want a whole man to protect me from the night Someone... Continue Reading →

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