03.27.22 “RTFM #1 – Kangaroo Court (Super Breakout & Kangaroo for Atari 5200),” “BCB #38 – My Nintendo 3DS & DS Game Library,” “No Filter SE #2 – Tempest 4000 (VCS Launch Day Exclusive” & “Unbox’d Episode 8 Promo” now up on my YouTube page!

This past week, 4 new uploads have appeared on my #YouTube #vintagegaming page! First up is RTFM (Read the Freaking Manual) #1, where I play ‘Super Breakout’ & ‘Kangaroo’ on the #Atari 5200, while sharing the wonderful manuals & history. In BCB #38, I delve into my #Nintendo 3DS & DS game library, and talk about the sad ending of the e-shop. In “No Filter SE #2 – ‘Tempest 4000’ (VCS Launch Day Exclusive!), I show off ‘Tempest 4K’ on it’s release day on the new Atari VCS. This game came out in 2018 but this is the official VCS release. It’s got some cool new features and it’s such an amazing game! Check out the links below, and subscribe, like & comment. Thank you! -BB

BCB #38 – “My Nintendo 3DS & DS Game Library”

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