06.30.22 Atari Memories, Frozen Perfectly in Place. (Poetry)

To honor Atari’s amazing 50th Anniversary this week, I decided to write a new poem. This one’s inspired by #Atari and a lifetime of fun, amusement & great times. These were all produced by Atari’s amazing home gaming consoles, 8-bit computer lines & arcade games which are dotted throughout our lives and memories. This poem was written on 6/30/22, in honor of Atari’s wonderful, glorious 50 years of entertainment this week. Thanks, Atari! And here’s to the next 50!

A huge fan, -BB

“Atari Memories, Frozen Perfectly in Place”

by Brian Bolding


Sitting on a plush green shag carpet

Surrounded by light brown wood panelled walls

I became mesmerized by these amazing Atari games

My Dad bought from various overpriced shopping malls


First was Steeplechase, then Missile Command

Pac-Man and Q-Bert, to name a few

My childhood was written in the stars

In that darkly lit living room, with Big Sis, just me and you


Pitfall just so happened to come home one day

Followed by Asteroids & Activision’s amazing Enduro

I had no idea I could love a video game so much

And longed to hear that swooshing sound, driving in the snow


My Dad shouting at us to go to bed

But I’m not done with Video Pinball just yet:

“Turn out the lights! Turn that shit off!”

he hollered, in his best impression of a drunken Vietnam Vet


We missed the premiere of Facts of Life

We forgot the Challenger exploded

So many hours spent with that one button joystick

Our imaginations ran wild & eventually eroded


Defender’s waiting, Video Olympics too

Grab that paddle and let’s play some rounds

(Before it’s time to go to bed

And the end of bleepity-bleep sounds)


So many memories, from so long ago

Losing ourselves almost every morning

as the horses gallop and that lasso goes out

shoving down breakfast as we finish up Barnstorming


Back in the far reaches of my memories

We were so innocent & so pure

Playing Atari all Summer, from dusk until dawn

When you said “Wanna play?!” I always said “Sure!!”


My chili bowl haircut & your big puffy perm

trapped in Olan Mills snow drifts

With Mom and Dad smiling like crazy

Surrounded by empty glistening Christmas gifts


We still smile in that photo from so long ago

I can almost feel the joy in my face

Now at the age of 47, could you imagine?

all those Atari memories, frozen perfectly in place.


Thank you, Atari!



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