12.17.21 “BCB #21 – Early Christmas! Unboxings & Stuff,” “BCB Storytime #2 – Sweet Pea – Rainy Days & Starry Nights,” & “No Filter #12 – Atari Jaguar w/ Wolfenstein 3D” now up on YouTube!

This week, I released three episodes on my #vintagegaming #YouTube page! Up first is my new series, ‘Storytime,’ which features me reading my novels, journals and poems, mostly autobiographical, about growing up as a gay kid in the 80’s & 90’s in Texas. I released episode 2 of Storytime this week, “Rainy Days & Starry Nights,” which details my friendship with my childhood friend, Ed, who I had many an adventure with over 2-3 years. Of course, every season has it’s end… I also released “No Filter #12 – Atari Jaguar w/ Wolfenstein 3D,” which features raw gameplay of this amazing and underrated Jaguar game from 1994. Lastly, I released “BCB #21 – Early Christmas! Unboxings & Stuff” today, which features some unboxing goodness from the past 2 months that I have not yet posted. Enjoy all these holiday treats! More to come next week, of course 😉 Have a great holiday season! Please subscribe, like & comment, if possible, since I’m trying to grow the new channel a bit. Thank you!

(See links & preview images below of new content)

BCB Storytime #2 – Sweet Pea, Ch. 2 – “Rainy Days & Starry Nights” (18+ only content) 12.15.21

No Filter #12 – Atari Jaguar w/ Wolfenstein 3D 12.13.21

BCB #21 – Early Christmas! Unboxings & Stuff 12.17.21



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