01.07.22 “BCB #24 – Best of 2021 – NYE Special,” “No Filter #15 – Nintendo Wii U w/ Yoshi’s Woolly World,” & “BCB Storytime #5 – Sweet Pea Ch. 5” now up on YouTube!

This past week, I’ve released three new episodes to my #vintagegaming #youtube channel! “BCB #24” was a #newyearseve special released where I talk about my favorite 5 or 6 vintage gaming consoles & purchases of 2021. In “No Filter #15,” I play ‘Yoshi’s Woolly World’ on the Wii U. It’s an underrated classic in my opinion! Lastly, in “BCB Storytime #5,” I read ‘Sweet Pea – Chapter 5 – Running from the Ghost of Memaw Bea,” which was a huge event in my family’s lives that changed us forever. In Storytime, I delve into chapters of my first novel, Sweet Pea, which is an autobiographical account of growing up gay in east Texas in the 80’s, and beyond.

Watch my channel, subscribe, comment and like! I appreciate you all and thank u for making this so fun!


BCB #24 – Best of 2021 (New Year’s Eve Special!)

No Filter #15 – Nintendo Wii U w/ ‘Yoshi’s Woolly World’

BCB Storytime #5 – Sweet Pea, Ch. 5 – ‘Running from the Ghost of Memaw Bea”

My YouTube page, Ballistik Coffee Boy, can be viewed here.

Thanks for the support! (All 3 of you! Lol jk)


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