04.02.22 “RFTM #2 Promo: Pac-Man Take the Wheel! (National Pac-Man Day Special),” “BCB #39 – atGames Legends Ultimate Arcade” & “Promo for Unbox’d #9 – I Crashed Your Monster Party!” now up on my YouTube page…

It’s been a busy week here at Pop Art Trash. This week, 3 new uploads await you on my #vintagegaming #youtube channel, #BallistikCoffeeBoy. Sunday, April 3, 2022 is National Pac-Man Day! In honor of this special occasion, I’ll be posting RTFM (Read the Freaking Manual) #2 – “Pac-Man Take the Wheel,” where I discuss 3 unique & amazing #Atari2600 games, including #PacMan, that defined a generation. Check it out Sunday, 4/3/22 @ 11 am CST! Or click below to see the promo & add your reminder on YouTube. Check out the other content, too, including BCB #39 – atGames Legends Ultimate Arcade – Find out why it’s a “must buy for #retrogamers ! And, finally, in “Unbox’d 9 Promo – I Crashed Your Monster Party!,” where I discover a crazy little game called Monster Party on the #NES.

Promo for RTFM #2 – “Pac-Man Take the Wheel!” (3 games that defined a generation)

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See you on National Pac-Man day!


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